Matsuri Japanese Restaurant & Sugarbowl

It had been awhile since the makan gang went out on a foodhunt; thus, it was a perfect excuse to indulge in good food to celebrate the start of our 2 weeks Spring break πŸ™‚
For the price we paid, Matsuri was kind of disappointing in terms of quantity and quality though the sushi was heaps good. As for Sugarbowl, I never fail to order aloe vera & pearls [not many will crave for it like I do tho] and radish cake! More to come, more to come…

Round 1: Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Makan gang part 1: Thomas and the 2 Qian Wen(s) πŸ˜‰

Makan gang part 2: Jany & I πŸ˜‰

and our usual camwhoring session begins…

Jany’s body sin vs my choya~

Chicken yaki udon :/

Octopus okonomiyaki was average.

Awesome Arubi eel sushi!

Fish bento box was pretty good.

Kamo steak was average.

Round 2: Sugarbowl!!

Crème brûlée

Sesame paste

Herbal soup w rice balls

My ultimate favourite! Aloe vera w pearls~~~ πŸ˜€

Radish cake w XO sauce was to die for!!


even camwhores of the makan gang have their candid moments.. lol!

Thomas artistic shot of his dessert πŸ™‚


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