Royal Adelaide Show ’10

The annual Royal Show that I would not miss even tho I ended up burning a hole in my pocket again! I didn’t take as much photos as I had intended to because I was enjoying myself from the stalls, to the rides to just people watching; everything was just fascinating 🙂

At Goyder Pavilion,

Art, Craft, Design & Cookery section

Horticulture section

Hancock’s Daffodils *boy were they fragrant!*

Fatty’s bff; only because he hears them sirens whenever we are on the phone!

Daiquiri sampling 😀

Lollies ftw!

Pig-racing *must watch* 😉

Sexy piggy w a tutu~ hahaha.

Go piggy!

Pigs can dive!

Childhood memories: minimelts~

Dogshow 🙂

Massive doggy

Reminds me of Heidi..

The Carnival!

Thomas attempting to win some toy~

Yeap, that’s what those two were about to ride :B

and yea, that’s me waiting w their belongings whilst the two were queuing up for their ride -.-

Off they go~ I swear I cld hear Jany screaming from below.. Lol!

Spongebob Squarepants!

Major cuteness!

And I won Mr Crabs :B
[Jany was still shaky from the ride thus this shot, hahaha]

Dinner time!

Thomas tak glam w his turkey leg.. haha.

Pork ribs

Cheesy fries

Poffertjes & Olly Bollys!

Freestyle motoshow

Fireworks that reminded us of Msia’s CNY 🙂

Prizes we won and showbags I bought


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